Stress Down Day - 23. July

Friday 23 July, 2010 is Lifeline Australia’s Stress Down Day. This day is dedicated to reducing the burden of stress on our community, and will encourage people in schools and workplaces to have fun with their fellows, friends or family to reduce stress levels, have fun and raise funds for Lifeline. The money will go towards helping run our 24 hour telephone support services, a service that is literally life saving for thousands of Australian’s every year.


What is stress?

Stress is our body’s way of dealing with an increase in demand.
When we experience a high level of demand due to situations occurring around us (life, work or anything really), it can trigger an increase in energy, alertness and strength.
In some cases this is a healthy reaction, as it helps us to cope with a situation. It can also be harmful, especially when the stress is significant or prolonged. Emotional stress or stress from fatigue and over work can be detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing.

What happens to people who are stressed?

Stress can affect both your body and your mind. Physical manifestations of stress can include headaches, aches and pains and feelings of exhaustion. But not only can they can make us physically sick, stress can result in significant reduction in motivation and mental wellbeing. Stress can also lead to serious mental health issues, especially if it is prolonged. People who are stressed can be irritable, angry and depressed, they can feel lost and overwhelmed and in some cases can be feel suicidal.

Ways to deal with stress

Some handy simple tips for dealing with stress:

• Take time to look after yourself physically and emotionally
• Allocate time for thing you enjoy or that make you happy
• Don’t place unnecessary pressure or expectations on yourself.
• Make time for friends and family amid other priorities– strong connections with loved ones are good for mental health.
• Make time for discussion about emotions within your family – make mental health a discussion point without judgment or stigma attached to it.
• Limit alcohol intake and use of other substances.
• If you feel your stress levels peaking take a few minutes of time out in a private place to assess the situation.
• Schedule both personal time for relaxation, and social time for getting involved in group activities.

Places to go for help

Studies show that if people seek out help, some can significantly alleviate issues of distress and negative mental health experiences:
• Talk to a trusted family member or friend, or a professional such as a GP or Psychologist.
• Connect with a helpline such as Lifeline’s 24 hour telephone counselling
service – 13 11 14.
• Utilise online self help resources. A number of organisations offer information and resources about mental health. Find out more or download a self help tool kit at

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What can Souri’s Myotherapy and Massage do for you on Stress Down Day ... ???

How about a relaxing massage just to wind down? Relax a little bit and enjoy life ...
Update: Please be advised that on Stress down day all of our therapists are fully booked.
Gift Vouchers are available and appointments are still possible on the following weekend ( Sat 24th and Sun 25th July).