Livingsocial Massage Deal Melbourne

Since April 2010 Livingsocial is doing a lot of localised online advertising in the net at the moment. Looks like a big advertising budget. They advertise so many great deals - for example a 60 minute massage for $30 in Melbourne. Great? Not really ... as nothing is available at the moment.


When you click on the banner you get to page to register for the service which will start soon. That’s it. I personally think that this is wrong advertising as they do not have the specific offer at the moment and just want my email address and registration to count me to their user base. Secondly I am not a big fan of discounting services just to get first time customers ... we at Souri’s Myotherapy & Massage prefer fair prices for everybody and like to reward our long term clients. Good therapists will not discount their services.

Update: Livingsocial is now live with some massage deals. Let me know what you think about it. Any good experiences?

LivingSocial is the social commerce leader behind LivingSocial Deals, a group buying program that invites people and their friends to save up to 90 percent each day at their favourite restaurants, spas, sporting events, hotels and other local attractions in major cities. LivingSocial has an extensive user base of more than 85 million and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.