Congratulations to Tiff & Ian's mother in law Winking

Over the last week we were running our Facebook competition to give a way one free Hot Stone Massage. All you had to do is post in the comments on our Facebook page why you or someone you know deserves it the most.

We got a lot of great entries:

Here are some examples:

my mother in law gets a chronically sore back from holding her 6 month old grandchild but she loves her too much not to, she always helps babysitting often at short notice and has really great advice.

I would like a hot stone massage because I'm feeling really run down and stressed and need something to help boost me back up.

My chance for the only relaxation from studious year of HSC. Perhaps one that I could think off to break free from my textbook and the failed massage chair that was import from china on ebay.

Motobike riders are often "naughty", and "stones" in the road are hazards, but this massage would be the perfect blend of "hot stones" smoothing out the "naughty" rider. Gasp)

I would love a hot stones massage because I'm feeling the streess of 2010, after straining my back in front of the tv with the world cup. Still hurts from then Sad

I want a free hot stone massage beacuse I get these really stiff knots in my back from sitting at the computer all day. I go to the gym to try and excercise them out but I can't givee myself a massage.

I'd love to win a hot stone massage as I'm currently stressed to the max Happy i'm in my last year of my doctorate of forensic psychology, i go to uni full time, do unpaid placements 3 days a week, run psych programs for offenders two nights a week, teach at deakin one day a week and work in retail two days a week. In my free time I write my thesis. Please help me!!

Id like to win a stone massage for my friend as she works incredibly hard as the manager of a retail store, as well as having to come home and look after her entire family. She only gets one day off a week and I know she'd LOVE to use it having a massage she so desperately needs! Thanks Happy

feeling a little bit stale...need a mind and body freshen up for Spring and what better way to do that than relaxing with a Souri's Hot Stone Massage?!

This wet winter is making me low and lethargic, my arthritis is active and Im not. Some Souri stone treatment is what I need to put spring into my step.

Cath never stops working whether she is at work or home. I think she deserves a nice, relaxing unwind. What's in it for me? Well...a happy Cath is a happy Cam...

Because I love massage! And love it more when it free!!!

I deserve a free hot stone massage because 1) I SO DESERVE IT!!! and 2) BECAUSE I SO DESERVE IT!!! Laugh and 3) because I still feel sore from Zumba in certain places, ha ha!Seriously, if I win the free massage, not only will I be giving you free advertising via word of mouth to whoever will listen, you will have another regular customer like your Tuesday ones... well, almost as regular Winking

Sin Yee
I think I deserve a Hot Stone Massage because it definitely helps me to relax my body and soul especially after a long day of work.

The gift of giving would keep on going to win this for my mum as she's just a stone throw away from Doncaster East which is really sweet!

Cycling all the way out to Doncaster should be a good enough incentive to get stoned!

And the winner is ...

Massage Melbourne competion on Souri's Myotherapy & Massage Facebook

We found it very hard to choose the winner from all the great entries! So we have decided on 2 winners - Tiff (she begged for help!) and Ian's mum in law (how many guys speak about their mum in law like that!).

Thanks again for all entries - you will get another chance in our next competition.

Love life and smile lots Winking