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Souri's Myotherapy & Massage is open until 31 December 2011 (only closed christmas day - 25/12/2011). Book in your treatment today. Relax from all the christmas stress.



I will be taking bookings again from the 1st Febuary 2012. Please try not to injure yourselves until then!

Should you have a gift voucher which expires in January 2012. Don’t worry … you still can redeem it until March 2012.

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New prices from 01/01/2012

From the 01/01/2012 our prices in our Doncaster East clinic are as follows:


Relaxation Massage 1 hour $90
Remedial Massage 1 hour $90
Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour $90
Myotherapy 1 hour $90
Pregnancy Massage 1 hour $90
Hot Stone Massage 1.5 hours $150

We are closed in January and these prices are valid from 01/02/2012.

Our gift voucher online shop will be be updated with the new prices on the 01/01/2012.
Until the 31/12/2011 you still have the chance to buy gift vouchers for the old price.

Thanks for the reviews

Thanks a lot for all the reviews on the net. Souri’s Myotherapy & Massage does not do any advertising. We only have our little web page and get our clients through word of mouth. Thanks a lot for taking your time and writing about your experience at Souri’s Myotherapy & Massage. It is great to see that I can help so many people.

Here are just a few examples of the reviews you find on Google & Truelocal:

Google Places

“Souri has more than 10 years of experience. Wonderful relaxing environment. My back pain is gone ... thanks for helping me.”

“Great massage Souris techniques are amazing. One of a kind and a must for all. I look foward to getting back there again”

“Highly Recommended Very Relaxing and enjoyable Massage from Souri. I would recommend her to others.”

“I am a very active person (half marathon and long distance cycling events eg. Alpine Classic Extreme) and Souri's deep pressure massages helped me to recover from my weekend warrior activities.”

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“I started seeing Souri hoping that she can help me to get rid of the anxiety I was experiencing following a heart surgery. I cannot express my gratitude to Souri well enough. My anxiety was gone the moment Souri started talking to me. Her gorgeous nature, divine massage and priceless advice on how to look after my mind, body and soul have truly healed me. I now started to seeing her for aches and pains and she gets to the root of the problem in an instant. She is an amazing healer! The room is welcoming and lovely and sooo close to my home! She always finds the time to fit me in no matter how many clients she has in the day. I would honestly not go to anyone else for a massage! Souri, you are truly the best! Your hot stones are amazing! X”

“Souri's massage is great and have received better treatment then most Physio's i have been to. The attention to detail in finding the problems, fixing the problems and the streches provided is great. Really relaxing environment as well. Would recommend to anyone and everyone Happy

“I had a shoulder injury and had been seeing a Chiropractor for 8 months before seeing Souri. She worked her magic and within 5 sessions the problem was gone! I haven't looked back since! I can do all sorts of exercise now without pain, and can lift things with full power that I had lost. Her session times are flexible and worked around my busy schedule which is great when you work full time like me. Her massage room is relaxed and elegant. She is a wealth of knowledge and would not go to anyone else for a massage after going to her. Thanks Souri!”

“Highly recommended. A beautiful environment and a highly trained therapist. An incredibly relaxing experience while also getting the benefits of a degree in Myotherapy. Souri gave me some tips and stretches in order to rectify my posture and therefore reduce tension. Hot stones are amazing, best massage I've ever had, definitely go and see her!”

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Green Massage - A eco friendly massage?

Environmently friendly massage in Melbourne? Does anybody think about a “green” massage here in Australia? Who cares about a eco friendly massage? The energy prices and water prices are soaring in Australia and make my little business more and more expensive to run. But you still want to I thought I give it a shot and look at some eco friendly improvements to my little massage clinic in Doncaster East, Vic.

More and more people are interested in living their lives in an environmentally friendly way. So I looked at a lot of different eco websites (for example and tried to get as much information as possible how to convert my massage clinic in Doncaster East, Melbourne into a more environmentally-conscious business.

Today, evidence of environmental awareness is everywhere but there are no existing standards to classify a massage clinic environment friendly. So I just applied some common sense. Making the effort to transform my massage practice into and eco-friendly business may not seem to be enough to make a big difference ... but as always it starts with each individual to contribute their part.

We checked our energy (electricity & gas), water, chemicals and the products we use. We identified the following 6 things which are already incorporated at our massage clinic.
We know that there is far more that we can do - but it’s a start Happy.


1. Massage Towels
For every massage we need a lot of clean, fluffy towels. There are a lot of tips on the Internet to use cold water for washing. We do this already for our private clothes. But for a professional massage clinic. Hot water and a hot dryer are necessary to kill any infectious organisms. So what else could we do?

a) We got some new energy efficient appliances. The top loader had was replaced with a modern 5-star front loader.
b) Hang the washing on the line and use the dryer only for 30min to get fluffy towels.
c) We use the electricity night tariff. This means our washing machine and dryer usually runs at 11pm.

3. Water consumption
Washing all these massage towels uses a lot of water - even in our very efficient front loader. But there is a way to reuse the water in the garden. We installed a grey water system with the effect that we do not need to water our garden at all - even in a very hot summer. All the water gets reused by my plants. We also connected the shower and the bathtub to the grey water system. A great way of reusing water.

3. Biodegradable washing powder
As a positive side effect of the grey water system is that you have to use biodegradable washing powder which contains no phosphates. This is necessary that the plants survive. We do not use the grey water system in winter to give our plants some regeneration time.

4. Lights
It is amazing how much energy a little business like ours can use. There were a lot of old 50W downlights installed in my massage clinic & house. In total we had 32! Thirty-two! 1600W! We slowly started to convert them to energy efficient LED lights (3W - 9W) or lower wattage halogen lights (20W). When one of the old light bulbs is damaged we replace them with new efficient light bulbs. We also fitted some low energy fluorescent lights where possible.

5. Solar System
We also looked into green energy from our electricity provider. All the offers we checked did not really convince us that it makes sense to pay a little more and receive green energy. How could we be sure that we really get green energy? We couldn’t! So we decided to put a small solar system on our roof. This would produce enough energy to offset our usage in the massage clinic. 100% renewable energy!
The system will not pay itself back totally (we look at 8 years at current electricity prices) as we use too much energy within the day and can’t feed much back into the grid.

6. Massage oil products
A lot of people are allergic to certain chemicals and have skin irritations. Since the body absorbs chemicals through the skin, using best organic massage oils and creams are a must for an eco-friendly massage. We only use premium quality coconut oil which is extracted from fresh organically grown coconuts. The extra virgin coconut oil is produced using the Direct Micro Expelling (DME) process. This creates empowerment opportunities for farmers, and produces a pure and natural oil within one hour of opening the nut. (You can also buy this oil here.). We also offer water based oil as an alternative to the coconut oil.

Any ideas what we can do better? Let us know.

Amazing Time Lapse video - nothing todo with massage

It has nothing to do with massage. But I love relaxing time lapse videos. This one is my new favourite … just amazing.

The creator of this stunning piece is Dustin Farrell. “Every frame of this video is a raw still from a Canon 5D2 DSLR and processed with Adobe software,” he says “I felt that showing them again with motion controlled HDR and/or night timelapse would be a new way to see old landmarks.”

Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

Neck & Shoulder pain - Guitar Hero

Part 3) Guitar Hero - the game

I recently had a young lady visit me with shoulder pain which she has had for a couple of years. She had torn a shoulder muscle. She had seen a specialist about it and they informed her that it was a very unusual to have such a tear at such a young age. It was normally seen in much older people. The young lady had no idea how it had come about. She could not recall any trauma to the area. Even when she came for a treatment with me she still had no idea. It wasn't until I informed her that I had a similar injury and the position at which my arm was at when it happened, that she clicked as to what could have caused it. Yes, guitar hero the game. She used to play it at the most advanced level very often until the injury! I have also had clients who have strained their neck and shoulders due to playing the real guitar.

Neck & Shoulder pain - The cross trainer

Part 2) The cross-trainer (or elliptical trainer)

Keeping fit can spell injury for some. One piece of equipment which has brought in some clients is the cross-trainer (also known as the elliptical trainer). It is a stationary exercise machine which simulates walking or running without any impact on the joints. No impact, no injury -right? Not quite, as it seems. Yes, sure there is not pressure on the joints which you would normally get while pounding the pavement but what about the way you have to hold these machines? I have never personally used one myself but just looking at the way these things are designed explains why my clients are suffering. The handle bars are too high and makes the arm swing in an unnatural way, in no way simulating the normal arm swing during walking and running. I would presume that most people using these machines would grip the handles too tightly. Add in the arm swing and do it for a prolonged period. The neck and shoulder muscles become strained. This doesn't mean that you should stop using the cross-trainer if you enjoy it - just don't use the handgrips!

Neck and Shoulder pain - Iphone & Nintendo DS

I see a lot of people with neck and shoulder pain. The main cause has been poor posture and being slumped over at the desk eight hours a day, five days a week. Recently I have had clients who have strained their necks and shoulders due to using some very common devices.


The Iphone and Nintendo DS

Yes, this little phone can be a big pain in the neck! I remember when they first came out a few years ago. I had a client who I saw regularly and she told me that she suddenly developed a really tight neck and was having headaches. She had not done anything too strenuous or different since I last saw her. It wasn't til the end of the treatment and she went to call her husband on her new iphone. She told me that it was fabulous and that she used it to surf the net, send mail, play games. Aha! This poor lady had been slumped over this little device for hours each day, chin down on her chest, tapping away with one hand. The result of this is that the chest and neck muscles at the front shorten, the shoulder muscles are stretched. keep yourself in one position too long and all sorts of pain arise.

iphone massage

Recently I have seen younger clients with this iphone syndrome (my own name for this condition). One was an 11yr old girl who was in so much pain that I could barely touch her when her mother brought her in for a treatment. She was having to take panadol forte for headaches daily! She was spending a lot of time on her home computer, her Nintendo DS, and also her mother's iphone! Triple the pain! I could only advise her mother to gently massage her daily and apply a heat pack to help calm the pain down.

I myself have been a victim of the iPhone syndrome. Playing Angry Birds on it! So I do understand how easy it is to injure yourself. Lucky I know how to fix myself up. Anything that puts you into that chin-down to chest, arms having to reach forward position will create a lot of neck and shoulder pain.

I can only suggest reducing the usage of these devices (I know nobody will do this) or position yourself very well when using them.

I am always telling my little girl to lie back on some cushions (so her head is supported) and placing her arms on another cushion to raise her Nintendo DS to eye height. This has helped a lot in reducing her neck pain.

Books for my massage room

I am currently looking for nice books for my myotherapy & massage room and the planned waiting area. Travel, Art, Health, People, Lifestyle, Fashion ... so many great books available. Find a little selection of books here. What are your favourite coffee table books ... let me know and write me an email:

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Spoil your Mum this Mother's Day with a massage gift voucher from Souri's Myotherapy & Massage.

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New fitness idea for Melbourne

We have thousands of gyms in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. But why get fit in a sticky room ...

Check out the Adidas Runbase in Tokyo. This new store concept turns the whole city into a gym. Runners rent a locker in the store and can borrow the newest Adidas shoes and clothing. They also provide showers and change rooms.

Wouldn’t that be a great idea for the Melbourne CBD?

Fitness Staff

Running Fitness

New Massage Gift Vouchers

Over the christmas holidays we created 3 wonderful new designs for our glossy massage gift vouchers. The vouchers come in an envelope and there is enough room to leave a personal message.

You have now the choice between a

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