Neck & Shoulder pain - Guitar Hero

Part 3) Guitar Hero - the game

I recently had a young lady visit me with shoulder pain which she has had for a couple of years. She had torn a shoulder muscle. She had seen a specialist about it and they informed her that it was a very unusual to have such a tear at such a young age. It was normally seen in much older people. The young lady had no idea how it had come about. She could not recall any trauma to the area. Even when she came for a treatment with me she still had no idea. It wasn't until I informed her that I had a similar injury and the position at which my arm was at when it happened, that she clicked as to what could have caused it. Yes, guitar hero the game. She used to play it at the most advanced level very often until the injury! I have also had clients who have strained their neck and shoulders due to playing the real guitar.